We are a social enterprise that believes meaningful learning should be accessible for everyone.

We are Rebel Labs.

Our Manifesto

  • 1Promote a culture of lifelong learning
  • 2Create open spaces where people feel empowered to ask, experiment, play and fail
  • 3Construct unique environments for social participation
  • 4Provide pathways to real world opportunities
  • 5Keep our enterprise social, because it should endeavour to benefit society
  • 6Stand honest in our process and transparent in our decisions
  • 7Listen to our champions and our critics in equal measure
  • 8Stay relevant to our community, and to the communities we are operating within
  • 9React positively to change so we can evolve to address new challenges
  • 10Act always with passion and purpose

Our team has worked with

What we do - our services

  • Training


    Improve the knowledge and value of your teams through our set of bespoke training around digital topics.

  • Events


    Do you have a community or technical event and need extra capacity to deliver it? We're here to help.

  • Research


    Our dedicated researchers have years of experience helping clients navigate the digital and education sectors.

  • Consultancy


    Whether it's around technical strategy, community outreach, or understanding your data, you can count on us.

What we do - our projects

  • Rebel Makers

    Rebel Makers is a network of peer-to-peer making clubs for everyone who is interested in technology - regardless of age or ability. At our monthly Clubs, Rebels get together to share existing knowledge and learn new skills in a fun, safe and collaborative environment. We also run Rebel Makers Camp - an annual celebration of digital making for everyone.

    Visit Rebel Makers site
  • UKGovHack

    UKGovHack is an annual event bringing together technologists and public sector enthusiasts. It is a two day hackathon with a simultaneous conference stream for those wanting to gain more knowledge. The aim is to strengthen and diversify the civic tech community.

    Visit UKGovHack site
  • Accountability Hack

    Accountability Hack is your chance to impact the democratic process through technology. It is a series of lunchtime discussions culminating in a two day hackathon for the UK Civic Tech community with workshops for those wanting to learn more. Now in it’s sixth year, the aim is to create applications using open government data to hold our elected to account.

    Visit Accountability Hack site


  • Julia Higginbottom


    Producer, innovation consultant, wacky hair.

  • Kate McDonald


    Copywriter, researcher, Scot turned Roman.

  • Kevin Lewis


    Developer, events organiser, karaoke master.

  • Nat Higginbottom


    Media creator, community manager, vaper.

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